Hello, and here we are in week 40 of Outsider’s Musings (that’s the XL if you hadn’t noticed) so as I have previously done every ten editions, here is a recap of the last ten weeks’ thoughts by me:

  • XXXI – empty-play syndrome (and a poll for everyone)
  • XXXII – get ready to spend your hearts out
  • XXXIII – New words created by Tapped Out
  • XXXIX – I have some hearts to grind (also, KL stable)
  • XXXV – St Patrick’s – placeholder for massive update?
  • XXXXVI – Could we ever have too many characters?
  • XXXVII – slower tapping & freeway madness
  • XXXIX – Super Bowl with Origin

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Looks like it’s next week again – so here’s this week’s Outsiders’ Musings post by me, (not an outsider, but I was for the first post (11 months ago, wow)), Rcsprinter.

Yup, and to start off with, whenever I hear or see “XXXIX”, I always think of the 2005 episode Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass (S16;EP8) which was broadcast right after the Super Bowl XXXIX, and has a plot featuring it (Homer planning the halftime show), and in my head I always hear the stadium announcer shouting “Ex ex ex, aah, ex!”. Just thought I’d open up with that. Now, to business.
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Humblest apologies for being inconsistent with these posts, I do try to do one every week.

OK, order of business: rant, then observations. Like usual, you see?

First I wanted to talk about the people, such as myself, who don’t rush ahead with the game. I don’t even mean rushing with donuts, but logging into the game many times during the day to progress with the quests as fast as possible. I am one of those who are more laid back and treat the game as a once-or-twice-per-day hobby to check up on occasionally, but still live life. This difference between the two groups of tappers becomes more apparent when we are having an event, particularly at the beginning of one, such as right now. You know, Easter.

It’s when everybody on the forums and blogs is talking about the new content, and it’s all irrelevant to me because I’m not up to that point yet. To use myself as an example, the quest before the event got started, with the Whacking Day preparation tasks for Apu and Homer and Willie. Due to me still being behind on the Days of Future Future promotional, Apu was doing a long Kwik-E-Mart shift, so that put me back a day, and Willie was doing one of the spontaneous 1-part quests (Is It Even Autumn?, Rake Leaves) that had popped up just before the Four-Day Weekend For Our Sins Pt. 1, so that put me another 12 hours back. Continue reading


An interesting thought struck me the other day – eventually, could we ever have too many characters? I explored the idea and came up with a few points.

  • If a player has not bought all of the land, but has got lots of characters, by selling buildings or buying all the premium characters or however, it can look crowded when they are all walking around not engaged in a task.
  • When a player uses the pavement as its roads, all the characters gravitate to whatever small amount of road there is, and the 60 or so of them overlapping makes it look too busy.
  • If a player does have all the land, it can still look quite crowded with all the many characters on your streets.
  • Almost every update brings a new character, and for those of us who have got all the characters from past limited-time events, and all the levels, it’s pretty soon gonna be too much. It can take several minutes tapping through the character finder in the top corner to find a certain one, although that isn’t set out in the best way.

    On top of this, more characters = more data = uses more space on your device. This can make your phone or tablet slightly slower when booting the game.

    In the future, I think there is a very real possibility that there will just be too many for some of us to handle. When it gets to that point, will EA call it quits with creating new sprites or carry on? When will it end anyway, when every character from every episode has been introduced? We haven’t had Dewey Largo, Lunch Lady Doris, Database or Constance Harm yet. It’ll get too busy, I say.

    Sometimes aspects of the game turn into more of a chore than a joy. That’s wrong. And that’s my post for this week.

    Update: why not read the comments below? There are some good solutions suggested!


    This week’s Outsiders’ Musings is on the topic of St. Patrick’s day, the event which we are currently, um, experiencing.

    Does anybody really celebrate this outside of Ireland? The Simpsons have only ever had two episodes focusing on it (Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes & Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment). It certainly isn’t a worldwide thing that is in mainstream recognition. Indeed, many Irish people don’t bother marking the occasion, either. I wouldn’t know it was happening if it wasn’t for TSTO. So why has EA given us two Tapped Out half-events just for St. Paddy’s? To find the answer, I did some pondering.
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    Yellow_Subterfuge_promo3Back for another week! First off, I have a major change to report that has happened within my game. And it’s actually a positive one, for once. Before now, Krustyland nearly always crashed the app when loading it and required me to open the game again and go through to the shuttle again, which takes a couple of minutes. Now, it seems just to be loading fine straight away, much to my surprise. Stability has been restored. So that’s a good thing.

    topixlogoAlso, I noticed that with the latest update, there is a new login screen for those of us with an Origin account (I’ve only seen this on iOS.) I don’t usually need to login, but it randomly logged me out without me noticing, so I had to use it.

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    This week, my topic is new words created by Tapped Out. There are several new words coined by either the game or by the playing community and I thought I could list some here and explain what they refer to.

    • HousefarminghousefarmThis is when someone buys a lot of the same type of house and places them all close together without thinking of their planning design. Housefarms are used when a player wants to gain a lot of cash in a short amount of time, and once they have raised the required amount may sell their housefarm.
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