So, me. Started a blog and that. Ever so vague, isn’t it? You probably know me through either Wikipedia or TSTOTIPS, or maybe something else – I use this name on a host of different sites. I’m into transport and stuff like that, and I write the weekly section “Outsiders’ Musings” on the Tapped Out Tips blog. I’ll try and post most days, with updates about either me, online happenings or things in the wide world; or something else random.

Also, my email address is rcsprinter.wikipedia@gmail.com and I can be contacted on IRC (Freenode) with the nick rcsprinter, or occasionally Brit. If you are reading this and don’t know what IRC is, that’s seriously uncool.

Vague location details : North West England, pretty rural place with slow broadband and a large community. You do not know me personally, I can vouch for. So, follow the blog if you want to!

20130403-053810 PM.jpg


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