Humblest apologies for being inconsistent with these posts, I do try to do one every week.

OK, order of business: rant, then observations. Like usual, you see?

First I wanted to talk about the people, such as myself, who don’t rush ahead with the game. I don’t even mean rushing with donuts, but logging into the game many times during the day to progress with the quests as fast as possible. I am one of those who are more laid back and treat the game as a once-or-twice-per-day hobby to check up on occasionally, but still live life. This difference between the two groups of tappers becomes more apparent when we are having an event, particularly at the beginning of one, such as right now. You know, Easter.

It’s when everybody on the forums and blogs is talking about the new content, and it’s all irrelevant to me because I’m not up to that point yet. To use myself as an example, the quest before the event got started, with the Whacking Day preparation tasks for Apu and Homer and Willie. Due to me still being behind on the Days of Future Future promotional, Apu was doing a long Kwik-E-Mart shift, so that put me back a day, and Willie was doing one of the spontaneous 1-part quests (Is It Even Autumn?, Rake Leaves) that had popped up just before the Four-Day Weekend For Our Sins Pt. 1, so that put me another 12 hours back.

So while everyone was getting excited about bunnies and eggs and all that, I was still waiting for Apu to finish his shift (accidentally wrote something else then) and had to ignore all the incoming emails full of Easter walkthroughs from the TopiX subscription because they didn’t apply to me, and I just don’t want to spend any donuts. When I finally got on to the Easter event a few days ago, the excitement had kind of gone because it wasn’t brand-new anymore, it was two days old (even though I did download the update when it first came out). I suppose I did get the new splash screen right away, and app icon.

And what’s more, you see the banner at the top of this page? I make that, which is my other role around here from doing the weekly post, but this Easter I had to do it using only the pre-released images so that it could be on the blog in time, but I hadn’t got onto the Easter quest yet, so I didn’t really know what I was designing for.

Of course, it’s just a game and nothing to be too frustrated about. But it’s still riling sometimes, you know. When the update doesn’t have a strange/long task at the beginning, that’s much better. I remember the evening that Squidport was first released, last year. I was eagerly awaiting it on my iPad and was able to start the Squidport part of it immediately without having to wait for Willie to finish raking leaves, in the spring. I can’t be the only one who experiences this – many tappers are playing because they watched the Simpsons in the 90s, but not to jump right on top of every update. And when the online world gets jumpy about it very early but we can’t participate in the update yet, it’s a bit annoying sometimes. Am I right? Please comment.

Rant over, observations time. First one is related to Easter: the bunnies in my Springfield seem to congregate more around the grassy areas, such as spare blocks and in Burns’s mansion’s garden. At least having them close together makes for easy zapping.

My next observation is the freeway that goes past Krustyland. Here is a picture so you can see what I mean.

Why is the freeway controlled access and with a median if there is only one lane on each side? Hardly worth it being a freeway with no overtaking lane. I’m just being picky.

And speaking of Krustyland, and harking back to my rant, I’m rather behind on that too (I think) but I don’t care. I’m saving up tickets for the Duff pavillion.


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