An interesting thought struck me the other day – eventually, could we ever have too many characters? I explored the idea and came up with a few points.

  • If a player has not bought all of the land, but has got lots of characters, by selling buildings or buying all the premium characters or however, it can look crowded when they are all walking around not engaged in a task.
  • When a player uses the pavement as its roads, all the characters gravitate to whatever small amount of road there is, and the 60 or so of them overlapping makes it look too busy.
  • If a player does have all the land, it can still look quite crowded with all the many characters on your streets.
  • Almost every update brings a new character, and for those of us who have got all the characters from past limited-time events, and all the levels, it’s pretty soon gonna be too much. It can take several minutes tapping through the character finder in the top corner to find a certain one, although that isn’t set out in the best way.

    On top of this, more characters = more data = uses more space on your device. This can make your phone or tablet slightly slower when booting the game.

    In the future, I think there is a very real possibility that there will just be too many for some of us to handle. When it gets to that point, will EA call it quits with creating new sprites or carry on? When will it end anyway, when every character from every episode has been introduced? We haven’t had Dewey Largo, Lunch Lady Doris, Database or Constance Harm yet. It’ll get too busy, I say.

    Sometimes aspects of the game turn into more of a chore than a joy. That’s wrong. And that’s my post for this week.

    Update: why not read the comments below? There are some good solutions suggested!


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