This week’s Outsiders’ Musings is on the topic of St. Patrick’s day, the event which we are currently, um, experiencing.

Does anybody really celebrate this outside of Ireland? The Simpsons have only ever had two episodes focusing on it (Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes & Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment). It certainly isn’t a worldwide thing that is in mainstream recognition. Indeed, many Irish people don’t bother marking the occasion, either. I wouldn’t know it was happening if it wasn’t for TSTO. So why has EA given us two Tapped Out half-events just for St. Paddy’s? To find the answer, I did some pondering.

Well, if you haven’t already heard, a new Family Guy Tapped Out style game is coming about around the start of April (it looks like this). EA don’t seem to be involved; the developer is TinyCo with Fox. This leads me to speculate that EA’s rubbishness of late, that is to say the lack of new levels for months and this small and disappointing update, is because they are planning a massive update to coincide with the launch of the Family Guy game featuring multiple new levels, characters and buildings and perhaps even a new event. If this is the case, then they haven’t had so much time to focus on developing the game as we’re playing it now, as they’re ahead to April. So, they’ve just had to quickly put together an early spring event and basically just rereleased last year’s St. Patricks event with a couple of differences. So, while putting their energies into later on, it means we lose out at the moment. But that’s gaming competition for you.

Just to reiterate, this is entirely a speculatory theory from my own head and is not purported to be true. I recommend reading Nathan’s post from the second of March which includes quite a lot of Simpsons-St Patrick related info.

Back next week.


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