Looks like it’s next week again – so here’s this week’s Outsiders’ Musings post by me, (not an outsider, but I was for the first post (11 months ago, wow)), Rcsprinter.

Yup, and to start off with, whenever I hear or see “XXXIX”, I always think of the 2005 episode Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass (S16;EP8) which was broadcast right after the Super Bowl XXXIX, and has a plot featuring it (Homer planning the halftime show), and in my head I always hear the stadium announcer shouting “Ex ex ex, aah, ex!”. Just thought I’d open up with that. Now, to business.

Today, I’m gonna talk about something we don’t really mention here on TopiX, and that Origin accounts, the service EA provides to give you a profile when you’re logged in to their games. Yes, we do mention when it’s down and broken and all that, but I’ll be talking about it with the air of a bit more fun, because it is a game after all. So my topic is the profile pictures that you can have on your Origin account. For the players who only use their account to save their Springfield to and don’t use it with any other games, or visiting friends, they probably don’t have a profile picture on their Origin. For everyone else, they have either bothered to add a picture or haven’t. Really, what is the actual point? It only gets seen when you are looking down your list of friends, looking for new friends, and by yourself.When yur are on someone’s sprpingfield, you don’t see it then, so as most people who play Tapped Out have that as their only EA game, do they really need to bother? Probably not.

If you don’t set one, you are assigned one automatically by the software, like origin profile pic and now there are some new Simpsons themed ones. But I want to know who of you out there have set a profile picture, has anyone ever asked you about it, is it a bit wacky? Please comment!

Finally, to wrap up Easter in my own way, I’ll say it was quite a good event but can’t beat Whacking Day.
I’ll see you next week for my fortieth, then.


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