Yellow_Subterfuge_promo3Back for another week! First off, I have a major change to report that has happened within my game. And it’s actually a positive one, for once. Before now, Krustyland nearly always crashed the app when loading it and required me to open the game again and go through to the shuttle again, which takes a couple of minutes. Now, it seems just to be loading fine straight away, much to my surprise. Stability has been restored. So that’s a good thing.

topixlogoAlso, I noticed that with the latest update, there is a new login screen for those of us with an Origin account (I’ve only seen this on iOS.) I don’t usually need to login, but it randomly logged me out without me noticing, so I had to use it.

20140222-103116 PM.jpg
Now for the main content of this week’s muse. It is still Valentine’s day around Springfield, although the rest of the world got past that last weekend. The majority of players have finished the Valentines quest and are just collecting hearts and giving hearts to their friends and winning prizes they don’t really want on the spin wheel. It’s nearly the same as last year, and two Musings ago I predicted this would happen. So I suppose the point of my muse/rant is this: why do EA always carry events on too long so that they go way past the real-life event while everybody’s got out of the mood. Yet episode promotions which contain characters which are actually cool, only last for about two days, so that if I’m unlucky enough to have broken WiFi or something for two days, I’ve missed it and the characters don’t come back. With the big events that carry on too long, the non-popular items usually come back annually. They could’ve at least introduced the Heart Grinder from 2013, but no sign of it yet. To put a long story short, these hearts are getting as tired as the one underneath this paragraph.

I’m taking down TopiX’s Valentines decorations now, that’s a heart free header and Skinner to Burns.

And finally, a reminder of a couple of things – Tapped Out theme music is available for download at (for Mac & PC, mobile users can only listen) and that if you want to join a real-time chat venue for discussing your Tapped Out towns you can follow the instructions at this page.


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