This week, my topic is new words created by Tapped Out. There are several new words coined by either the game or by the playing community and I thought I could list some here and explain what they refer to.

  • HousefarminghousefarmThis is when someone buys a lot of the same type of house and places them all close together without thinking of their planning design. Housefarms are used when a player wants to gain a lot of cash in a short amount of time, and once they have raised the required amount may sell their housefarm.
  • myPad – This is a parody of the Apple iPad, and although was first in the show rather than the game it features in a key task of Homer’s, Play with his myPad.
  • Ghost Bomb & GOO – Both of these were present during the Halloween 2013 event. The ghost bomb removed all ghosts in your town, allowing you to collect GOO, which was the limited time currency.
  • Frinkosonic MHVFrinkosonicmhvThis was a limited time premium decoration available only at the end of Whacking Day in 2013. It appears in the episode To Cur, With Love.
  • The GrumpleGrumpleIdle He was released on Christmas Eve 2013 and is a parody of the Grinch.
  • Bart – this word wasn’t created by or for the game but certainly has become almost synonymous with server problems!

Can you think of any others (preferably not limited time items)? If so, please comment and they will be added to the list.

One final, brief thing. It wasn’t until a few days ago I noticed the vegetation on the splash screen next to the hand. That’s very subtly placed.

I will return during the week.


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