Last week nothing was happening. It was very boring. There was some anticipation for the Valentines event, which many players weren’t around for last year. It’s finally here, and after a multitude of problems after the initial update it has calmed down a bit (I think) and now we can get into the swing of this event. First notes – there’s a high price in donuts for the new premium items! The whale is 300 donuts and it doesn’t even do anything. I’m also not looking forward to in two weeks when you’ll be sick of the sight of hearts. They’re not like the Gift Cards or Santa Coins; they get annoying very soon. Here’s hoping they introduce the heart grinder again right after Valentine’s Day to get rid of them because we’ll already have all the limited time decorations.

Another criticism is that they have clearly re-introduced the same wheel everybody was getting frustrated with at Christmas but changed the background and the Bart. Even Krusty’s head is still in the middle, for no apparent reason. I don’t want to moan, but EA can do better than this. If they want to keep players, don’t put the bad things back!

We should keep positive and look forward to it. Who knows, there could be 10 free donuts sprung upon us with no warning on the 14th, and I won’t be complaining about that.

Also, about the latest splash screen.

  • Lake Springfield does not have any beaches like that, so Homer must have abandoned Springfield and gone to the coast or a Great Lake to spend February
  • I don’t like them reusing the Homer walking with the finger again as although it was a nice change over Christmas, it now already feels overused and event-standard.

One more musing on the hand: I never thought of it this way, but perhaps EA are being slightly racist or at least stereotyping with that finger. The finger represents you, the player, and they are implying that a majority of players are white (which is yellow), which is based on no evidence at all. But then, it does have to be distinctively Simpsons, and what’s more Simpsons than yellow skin? It’s even the background to this blog. (No hate for this musing in the comments please.)

So, to recap my thoughts on this event so far: they are reusing too much stuff (Shauna, Howard’s Flowers, Phineas Q. Butterfat’s, spin wheel, friendly finger, hearts) and it looks as though this could be an annoying event after a while, like when everybody moaned about Christmas dragging on too long. But it could be incredible, so watch this space.

And a note, we will be trying to do walkthroughs etc as fast as we can over the course of this event. During the week I shall reveal the results of last week’s poll, which you can still vote in.


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