Well guys, it’s time for a muse. What’s been happening lately on Tapped Out? Level 38 came out… not much.

What can I talk about? When there are no events and I’m not thinking any Tapped Out thoughts, there’s no thoughts I can write down here. I guess this is just a part of blogging; there are periods when stuff is happening quite slowly and we seem to be experiencing one now. So far, this post has been a total waste of your time. It took you five seconds to read and me a long time to write, so what can we do? I try my hardest to produce a personal post every week (as opposed to guides and walkthoughs) however when there’s no topics, there’s no TopiX.

I’m still wasting your time. This post needs gearing up, time for a poll. We haven’t had a poll since that Lego house one back in the middle of January, so I’ll ask the question. It is a question which I have seen discussed many times, but we haven’t had a proper post dedicated to it yet. What device/OS do you play Tapped Out on?

I’ll post results in 10 days, vote only once please.

simpsonsfont appstore gplay


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