It’s over! Finished! No snow! And the in-game grass is much greener than I remember it. I’m sure it’s the same, but after that snow it’s so bright and vivid. It’s more like this:


When it used to be like this:

It’s just so refreshing and nice! Anyway, we’re here in week 30 of Outsider’s Musings (that’s the triple X if you hadn’t noticed) so as I have previously done every ten editions, here is a recap of the last ten weeks thoughts by me:

  • XXI – Flanders, house farming, Monopoly
  • XXII – the darkness has lifted
  • XXIII – Tapped Out surprises and a bit about Thanksgiving
  • XXIV – glitch and graphics
  • XXV – Building placement & other notes
  • XXVI – Early Days and grass
  • XXVII – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…
  • XXVIII – A stylus, a Hoover and a spray can or two
  • XXIX – Friendly thoughts and local airing

Obviously, I’m excited about the new content update as well, but I can talk about that next weekend.


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