You know that Krusty’s spin wheel? That would be much better as a scratchcard, I think. The idea is already used in the Kwik-E-Mart Scratch-R but would be better for distributing the Christmas event prizes. That wheel is too hard to spin.

My buildings which can be graffitied are being graffitied a lot more now. It’s plainly because friends are visiting more often to get gift cards, but I do wonder why they’re doing so much spraying. On a related note, when visiting friends I have found that if you spray paint a building you’ll get a giftcard with your money, but when you clean it up off someone’s building you only get money. I thought EA were wanting to encourage us to clean up others’ graffiti.

I have been playing Tapped Out on my iPad recently using a stylus. It’s quite good and using my actual fingers doesn’t give quite the same feeling. I can navigate around my town much more quickly and collect cash quicker also. It’s fiddly for placing small decorations, though.

Have you ever noticed that the woman in the cinema in the Gracie Films logo we see before the splash screen looks slightly like Miss Hoover, Lisa’s second grade teacher?
Just a little bit, from the side? Miss Hoover would be a good game character addition actually, wouldn’t she.

On Wednesday we’ll announce the winner of our competition, entrance for which closes tomorrow at around 11am GMT. Merry Christmas!



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