A few things to get out first:
Looks like we had an update! So much has changed. I must say that I vastly prefer the snow to those gloomy Hallowe’en clouds we had. Since the update, Sideshow Bob seems to walk faster than he did before. Has anybody noticed that the Oscar’s Obstacles truck is wider than the road?

I get too many notifications now.
Thing is, it’s not every time someone visits my town, it’s only some people. And only when some characters have finished jobs. Still far too many.

Also, some tasks which involve characters interacting with decorations are somewhat flawed. For instance, Grampa/Agnes feeding the birds on the bench or Moe hiding behind a bush make the character go to the nearest bench or bush, even if it’s in someone’s garden. So it looks like they are trespassing. I know the game can’t tell whether it’s in a garden but it still looks wrong.

I just want to remind everybody about our IRC channel – come and chat about your game!

We’re going to run a TopiX contest. $10* iTunes or Google Play gift voucher to one lucky reader, as a Christmas present to spend on donuts for your Tapped Out. All you have to do is put your Origin username and email address (so we can contact the winner) in this page (link) and we will pick a random one to win. Just put random stuff in the real life name and address and phone part, we’re not interested in that. (NOT in the comments of this post.)

I’ll be posting more often this week with some Christmassy walkthroughs and ‘what have you done with’s.

*or equivalent in your currency


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