Well, folks, I am very happy to say there is only one day left until the winter event is fully over! Hopefully the snow will go with the quests and we can get our green fields back. And I don’t think anybody is unhappy to see the back of blasted spin wheel. We at TopiX couldn’t be bothered to wait the extra day so we’ve taken down our site decorations (snow, tree, header) and gone back to our non-event skin.

During this event a prominent feature has been our friends in the game. They’re useful for getting cash and gift bags and presents, and maybe commenting on town design, but not really much else, I don’t think. Now, lots of players don’t even know any of their friends, and fill up 100 spaces by asking to be added on places like our add friends page. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it is much better if you do know your friends. You can see how your pal is progressing or check on your son’s expenditure. My musing is that the more of your friends you know, the more you can maximize your game experience.

At this point, you might be saying “I only visit my friends during events, so it doesn’t matter to me” or “But none of my friends or relatives play Tapped Out.” So invite them to! Tapped Out is better in groups.

My other item this week is another complaint on behalf of the viewers of the Simpsons who don’t happen to reside in the US. We’re all massive fans still, but it means that every time there is an episode promotion in Tapped Out, I don’t have any clue what’s going on for five months until the episode is aired locally. For instance, it wasn’t until just before this Christmas I understood why Carl has a task to Celebrate his Icelandic Heritage because I had finally seen The Saga of Carl. Perhaps EA should only give US residents the episode promotions at first and then distribute them at later times to other countries at the time when the new episode is coming out, so we’ll have a clue why this new character has been pushed upon us.

Don’t forget our real time chat and I promise that graphic work will come soonishish.

Need to go, some people are finished:finished


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