First off, I need to point out graphical flaw that hits straight away on the splash screen of the game during this Clash of Clones event. It’s that Homer (the Barbarian or whoever) has a notch in his sword. Yes, I know it’s a cartoon but that surely can’t be possible!
sword notch
OK, time to talk CoC. This week I have finally been understanding all the parts of this event, getting to know how it is all supposed to work and starting to enjoy the event. The quest is good, having all the castles and currencies is good, and having to upgrade your castles and characters is genius (if not a little tedious). It’s also nice how you can not only attack your friends, but random towns, and directly get revenge on the player who attacked you. It adds that little something to the game that other events have perhaps been missing, although we didn’t know it at the time. This is actually turning out to be one of my favourite events in over two years, and while I don’t usually complete major events because of how many parts there are to them, I think I have a good chance of getting the the end of this one as we still have over a month left.

The most intriguing feature of this event in particular, in my opinion, is the “Cheaters 20“.
Now, Mike has covered all the technical aspects of how to use the dice in his event overview post, but I want to discuss how after the initial five you get in “Roll With It”, any other twenty-sided dice (icosahedron, in mathematics) you want become a premium purchase. Or so it seems, as that is the way it is presented to the player. But although I have never bought one, I still seem to have three Cheaters 20s left, even though I use one every other day. It appears that I am getting them from when I tap the defend icon above a house and collect my elixir and gold, just occasionally, on one house. Like donuts, although that hasn’t happened to me for months. But why is this not written anywhere? The Ghost Bomb, which served the same purpose for defence in the Hallowe’en event (was that really almost a year ago?) was not limited or required any purchase. So basically what is going on?

If there are any other oddities like this, please do post them in a comment and perhaps they’ll be mentioned in a future post of mine. Happy tapping.


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