Hello, everybody. I am here to moan and muse about stuff relating to this game, for the 46th time. I’ve waited a little while to do this post as the rest of the team have been getting the posts out for you about our latest event, obviously Clash of Clones, and I didn’t want to flood you with too much stuff. It’s died down a little now, so I’m gonna spend my Monday evening with you folks.

Ned Head
So first, nitpickety observations, of course. I only have one, and that is where during some CoC quest dialogue, Ned says “That’s a little too much TMI”. Of course, this touches the OCD nerve of myself and hopefully someone else (or perhaps they flicked through without reading it), because it induces some of the old RAS syndrome, like PIN number, because Ned is actually saying “too much too much information”. Yet another dozy developer making mistakes. Does nobody proof-read what they write? But I’m balanced: it could be a joke about how Ned doesn’t know how to use modern slang.

This event is quite confusing for me. As a non-Clash of Clans player, it all seems pretty random to me. I get that the castles and attacking others’ Springfields is probably related to that, although I don’t know about all these new event currencies like Elixir and Nerds. Nerd is not a very nice term anyway, but I suppose it is generalized. Can’t they make it straightforward and easy to relate to? For instance, collecting eggs at Easter and hearts at Valentines to earn prizes is simple because we all know about Easter and Valentines and Christmas and can cope with the idea of collecting an additional currency to get limited-time prizes. When they combine really complicated (it seems to me) event gameplay and parody a game many people won’t have tried, (Clash of Clans), it really sort of turns me off playing TSTO for the duration, which is the exact opposite of what EA want, so they appear to be failing in my house.

Hey, I seem to have done a load of complaining that I didn’t even have planned when I started to write this post. Mission accomplished?

But to end, I’ll just say that I have not been completely disappeared since my last post a few weeks ago. I’ve been behind the scenes, creating site graphics, looking after categories and moderating your comments. I just don’t post very often so seem to get forgotten about!

Laters, tappers.


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