My iPad finally decided I had cleared enough space this week and allowed me back onto Tapped Out, although I missed nearly all of the Fourth of July update. I did do it last year though, so I shouldn’t think too much is lost.

To help me write this column, (although it doesn’t help very much), I have a Google alert set up for “Simpsons Tapped” which emails me twice a day with a roundup of the net’s TSTO related pages for that day. The reason I’m telling you is that nearly every result is trying to sell hacks and cheats. Try it for yourself, subscribe to that, there’s just loads of pages advertising an illicit way of getting more donuts or content. We are honest people here at TopiX, and we hope you the reader is too, and therefore we do not condone cheats, but I needed to remark on how frankly disgusting it is that there are more sites trying to get you to do the wrong thing than there are helpful forum or blog sites. Has our Tapper community really sunk that low? How can it be that more people by the day are turning to irresponsible methods to get their free donuts instead of playing the game normally? Is it not a source of casual enjoyment anymore, but just another thing that you can use to get free stuff off the big corporations?

I’m going to ask a serious question now. Not as poll, but a simple question that you can respond to in the comments. Have you ever used a hack or underhand way of gaming the system on Tapped Out? (Please don’t share details of how this was done; your comment will be deleted.) And don’t worry if you used GameZino, we know you were duped.

This is just to have a see at how much of the TSTO userbase isn’t entirely following the rules. You can post anonymously and we won’t look into any of them or hold it against you. Also, be sure to have a read of the comments; there are interesting discussions developing.

And now time for our second and somewhat jollier topic. Here’s an idea – listening EA? – double XP week! It’s a simple concept: play continues as usual with no themed event, but for one week only everybody gets twice as much XP as normal. How’s that for an incentive to log on? People near the end of a level would move up faster, and as it only lasts a limited amount of time, it really is double relative to regular XP rates (because introducing inflation into a game is too complicated). Hey, they had one at Blacklight: Retribution and Star Wars The Old Republic so surely it would work with Tapped Out. Hint, hint.

I’ll have more “interesting” thoughts next week. Tap well.


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