As an writer on this here website, I face a rather inopportune problem. Tapped Out is literally taking over my iPad. I mean, of course, that it is becoming too large with all these updates and is using too much space in the memory of my device. Too often, I open the app after a new update, only to be told “There isn’t enough storage space left on your device to download all of this cool stuff. Free up some space and try again.” I have deleted all the apps I don’t use regularly, deleted all the saved photos I don’t need, deleted and reinstalled games and apps to clear space. It’s never enough for the space-hungry Tapped Out.
I’m not prepared to spend money buying a device especially for Tapped Out, so this is rather a problem when I need to write about the game and can’t get on to it. I can’t be the only person where having 42 levels is putting a strain on my finite hardware resources. I wanted to buy the 32GB version in the first place anyway, back in 2012. (I have 16GB.) Unfortunately, you pay money for space and as I didn’t know Tapped Out existed until two days after I bought the iPad, it’s now taking its effect. And hey, I want to use other apps too. Something’s not right.
Alan Moore Facepalm

Easter Fence
Item two! The other day I received the weekly mystery box, to find it contained a mystery box. That’s not too unusual, it has happened a couple of times before. Random selection for you. But the next mystery box also contained a mystery box. That is more unusual, three inside each other. Then the next one, a picket fence. People do pay donuts for them, do they? I prefer a wooden fence which is the same but FREE. Why can’t the developers alter it so that mystery boxes can’t be got from inside themselves?

Item three! With all these events going on, and little reminders of Krustyland, I tend to find myself forgetting about Krustyland. It’s a massive long quest that requires you to visit a separate ‘town’ every day to earn the tickets and it’s too much bother. I think I visited Krustyland ONCE this month. They need to integrate it more, help players care more about their Krustyland. (Or is this me being a lazy old ****?)

Et finalement: I know Stonecutters is pretty much over but thought I would mention this anyway. When I’m collecting money from houses and one if those robed figures from the Order runs through, I try to tap him and because there is so much money still waiting around to be automatically moved, it covers him up and I can’t tap the Order guy. S’annoying.

Well, we covered a lot of things today. Don’t expect this much next week.


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