origin_logoHere I am, Mr Average-Tapped-Out-Player, ready once again to talk about my game in a I’m-just-like-you way, to appease those of you here for something more than walkthroughs and spoilers – is the idea but does it work that way? Who knows?

Right, thought I’d talk about Origin today, because I haven’t really focused on it yet and surely it’s about time. So Origin, that’s EA’s distribution software that games players keep their accounts on. Yes, you probably knew that. My prompt today is how did we find out about it originally? I have a feeling that a very small number of players actually already knew about Origin before they started playing Tapped Out, and most of those would be the younger generation who use Origin already on EA console games. It is quite likely that the majority of Tapped Out Origin users started using it for the same reason as me – you almost lost your town and wanted to secure it, and took the prompt to register for Origin once it was flashed up, plus, you probably like the benefits of being able to visit friends and play on other devices which you were wanting to do already.

Was it like that for you? Is there an alternative story you’d like to share? Or maybe you jut want to prove me wrong and point out that you spotted and signed up to Origin straight away; I am writing mainly off my own experiences here. (10 “Origin”s used so far including the title.)

Topic two today, those daily scroll task thingies? Aren’t some of them fiendishly difficult? I haven’t been bothered to look any of them up online yet so about a third of my daily scrolls remain uncompleted as I can’t think who the task is for. Don’t the developers want to keep the game user friendly? 🙂

And that’s the end, because I’m desperately running out of material here and am trapped in an void forever. Metaphorically. Bye.

(PS: most of you are forgetting to join in with our Simpsons live chat.)



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