Something to talk about!


Yes, there’s a big complicated event with loads of new content relating to an episode I’ve not seen (it was 1995, to be fair) and to get confused about. It’ll keep me busy, at least. But as usual, I need to gripe first.

I have another complaint about bad grammar on EA’s part: the (pointless) notifications I get now read “Quick! [name] is spying on your Springfield foil their evil plot and earn Emblems!” Why don’t they run a spellcheck before releasing updates to the masses? Would it kill them to put some punctuation before “foil” and keep the picky guys like me happy? Maybe they are counting on nobody noticing because its demographic are all young mobile gamers not reading properly and rushing ahead to the game? No, because many Tapped Out fans are adults who watched the Simpsons in the 90s, and are likely to notice all these mistakes. Right, rant over.

I’m quite proud that I managed to completely update the blog theme within a couple of hours of the update being released on Tuesday. Normally they launch events in the middle of the night (GMT) so I have to wait a long time to get access to my PC. Stonecutters was early evening, so that left me

Do you like it, anyway? I put the background Mr Burns in his Stonecutting outfit and decided to dispense with Homer in the banner for once and added Disco Stu, for the hell of it. (If there’s anyone else you want for it, do comment. Maybe I could change it every day of the event.)

I also want to take the chance to advertise our Simpsons Tapped Out real-time chat again – discuss problems, design and donut related issues (or anything else)! Here’s how to do it.

I’ll be back again next week. Remember to comment, ‘like’ us on Facebook, and keep Tapping.


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