Hello, and here we are in week 40 of Outsider’s Musings (that’s the XL if you hadn’t noticed) so as I have previously done every ten editions, here is a recap of the last ten weeks’ thoughts by me:

  • XXXI – empty-play syndrome (and a poll for everyone)
  • XXXII – get ready to spend your hearts out
  • XXXIII – New words created by Tapped Out
  • XXXIX – I have some hearts to grind (also, KL stable)
  • XXXV – St Patrick’s – placeholder for massive update?
  • XXXXVI – Could we ever have too many characters?
  • XXXVII – slower tapping & freeway madness
  • XXXIX – Super Bowl with Origin

As well, I’ve been tapping away like usual (my 90th week of this) and downloaded the new level 41 update, although I haven’t been able to play its storyline yet as I’m behind with Miss Hoover, but I have place two bloodmobiles.

I don’t really have much to talk about this week however; you’ll have to comment some ideas for me to write about next week too. I’ll recover though! Bye for now.


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