Hi friends. It’s week 26 of my musings! This edition, I have a few topics, and first up is an anecdotal story which is inspiring or something.HomerSimpsonFacepalm

I started playing Tapped Out on the last couple of days of August 2012. I remember that because I’d just got an iPad, my first Apple device. (My only other one since has been some Apple earphones, btw. I’m quite a PC kind of guy.) I was looking for apps to download and Tapped Out was just at the top of a list on the App Store. I gave it a go. I didn’t really pay attention at first to what was going on — you remember a large green field and loads of dialogue between Homer and Lisa? But soon I got hooked, and that was that. I played happily for a while, progressing through the levels until I got to level 24 which was the highest it went back then. I enjoyed the storylines and unlocking new characters, I visited my friends every day and participated in the events. Hallowe’en, Valentine’s, Whacking Day. (Typed those because there are too many sentences starting with “I”. A guy’s gotta balance his posts.)
I must have been searching the web for some info about something or other to do with the game, and found an excellent blog which I commented on. It was my discovery of how to take a picture of your whole town (I know you’ll ask, so here’s the link) that made the blog owner ask if I could share how to do it to everyone, and gradually I got very involved with the site and became a full writer for it, starting my Outsiders’ Musings posts one of which you’re reading now. Sorry, it wasn’t TSTO TopiX but I moved here with Mike after something happened, but I’m not talking about that now. What I’m trying to say in a long-winded fashion by telling you my TSTO-lifestory, is that I’m just someone who found a game and now find myself a writer on one of the most popular Tapped Out sites around. Literally, just this week we’ve had 140 views from Lithuania. (I think I’ll do a post on our outreach, yeah.) The point is: THANK YOU FANS!
Homer 1

Next item, more back to the game. You may have seen that some of your friends have got Christmas decorations on their houses, a bit like this:
and were wondering how you could get that yourself. The bad news is: you can’t yet, unless you were here last Christmas, because that’s when they were last available and all that’s happening is that players are getting them out again. We hope that this will be available again and for more buildings in the coming weeks, but until the update you’re stranded. Although you might not want them without the snow which also came last year. If you WERE here last year, and can’t remember how to get them out, simply tap on the building like you would if you were seeing how long is left until your income tax is due, and move over the buildings at the top. It’s exactly like changing the costume on a character.

Final item: our splash screen right now.
If Homer is running along the street, which he is because of the sidewalk and buildings, why is there grass below the kerb? I’m pretty sure there was never a grass road running past Moe’s.

And some updates: cool graphic I’m making is still coming. I’ve had a rather slow week this week and not got much done. Don’t forget the current poll. And keep your eyes out for the Christmas blog theme which will be revealed as soon as the update is out. It won’t be hard to miss, but I just wanted to note that I made it.

See yous next (hopefully frosty) week!


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