Hey, and welcome to my weekly post pondering all the stuff a little “off-topic” regarding Tapped Out.

First, I wanted to say that any of you complaining that Krustyland causes the app to crash when you try and access it. This happens to me too nearly every time – I just reopen Tapped Out, click on the Krustyland shuttle again and wait for it to load… then I can get in. It’s a pain to have to do this every time, and a bit predictable when it does happen, but I’m managing to get in. The whole crashing in the first place issue is probably just a glitch that EA might fix if they listen enough to the complaints.

Next, I have a question for you, wider audience. I happen to be a bit of a graphic designer, digital art, kind of thing. I haven’t really done very much related to Tapped Out, though, aside from the banner at the top of this page. So, I want the readers to set me a challenge. Comment down below something you would like me to create, Simpsons-y, I will choose one, and make it. Then I will reveal it in next week’s OM. Any kind of picture.

Finally, a bit of actual musing. I bought all the land a while back, just before Whacking Day, and it did seem loads at the time. Plenty of space, and somewhere to put my eggs in. Now, after each new update and level, I am adding more and more roads and buildings, and that is only for the quests, no premium. I do still have a couple of empty blocks, but they’re running thin. What I’m saying is: we need more land. Yeah, they gave us another strip this Halloween but, it’s not enough. Come on EA, release more land! (Downside: have further to roam when visiting friends).


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