I had a couple of Tapped Out surprises recently. First of all, of course, there was the Thanksgiving mini-event EA has sprung on us this week, but also I saw somebody playing Tapped Out on their iPhone who I just didn’t expect to be playing. Nooo, that’s irrelevant. We’ll just talk about Thanksgiving. I’m not going to repeat what’s been said in the other posts, I need to muse. Hence my series title. It’s my role on this blog to say stuff a little outside the box and make people think. Short sentences aplenty.

Thanksgiving. I suppose it’s like I said three posts ago about Hallowe’en not being celebrated too much over in the rest of the world which is not America and Canada. Although the Canadian one was back on the second Monday of October. No, it’s because this game comes from America that the world gets to take part in all these celebrations because the Simpsons are. Really, nothing happens in the UK. If Homer hadn’t told me so, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it was on. It is a sensible event; (as opposed to Hallowe’en which is silly fun) getting the harvest blessed and that doesn’t warrant a public holiday here.

Also, a reminder that the next of our team interviews with TheAdipose is with me, and coming out in November, probably in the next week or two. We’ll notify you when it’s on YouTube. Mike’s is here (link).

My post’ll be back next weekend.
Keep tapping, Rcsprinter


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