Another week playing Tapped Out. The major news is of course, that Halloween has disappeared! Back to normal, and I don’t mind that, I can tell you. It was ok while it lasted, but I think it lasted a little bit too long. Why couldn’t they have finished right after the 31st before the theming became inappropriate? Hey, EA can do what they want. Since the game’s release they have reportedly made $100 million from it, so I think they can say what happens when.

But I’m not grouching, it’s over now.

Second item: do you plan on spending many donuts after the latest update? Some people I see buy lots and use them frequently, while others, such as me, are totally freemium and let everything take its own time to build. They also don’t buy the premium buildings. That’s actually a fine way to do it, but it’s up to each individual what you do. I won’t encourage either – but do share your reasoning for your choice in the comment section,

Don’t forget, everybody, that your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Until next week, Rcsprinter.

20131110-104045 PM.jpg


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