Hi friends. It’s week 26 of my musings! This edition, I have a few topics, and first up is an anecdotal story which is inspiring or something.HomerSimpsonFacepalm
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Last week I asked for your suggestions of a cool graphic to make relating to the game. I’ve chosen one and it is under construction — may take a short while but already well underway. I’m not going to reveal what it is yet but I’ll share something mildly amusing that happened by coincidence while I was getting it sorted out.
cletus ralph

What kind of close attention to detail to you pay when placing buildings? Just put it where it looks nice? Fits in with the other type of buildings that are near, such as a group of shops? When I placed my Spinster City Apartments, I made sure to put it in the fifth block of the street (my city is on a grid system) because it says 509 on the canopy thing next to the door. Even though in episodes it is 507.

20131129-075133 PM.jpg

20131129-081848 PM.jpg
509, 507, see?

I also should comment on Ol’ Gil’s latest deal. I only need to be brief; I’ve already got all of the stuff from before! Does this mean he might stop pestering me? One more musing: when’s the last time Comic Book Guy had to do a task as part of a quest? Some of the characters are getting forgotten.

Also, I regret to inform you that my topix interview with theadiposetv for this month has been cancelled, but Nathan’s will be in December so do keep your eyes out for that.



Hey, and welcome to my weekly post pondering all the stuff a little “off-topic” regarding Tapped Out.

First, I wanted to say that any of you complaining that Krustyland causes the app to crash when you try and access it. This happens to me too nearly every time – I just reopen Tapped Out, click on the Krustyland shuttle again and wait for it to load… then I can get in. It’s a pain to have to do this every time, and a bit predictable when it does happen, but I’m managing to get in. The whole crashing in the first place issue is probably just a glitch that EA might fix if they listen enough to the complaints.

Next, I have a question for you, wider audience. I happen to be a bit of a graphic designer, digital art, kind of thing. I haven’t really done very much related to Tapped Out, though, aside from the banner at the top of this page. So, I want the readers to set me a challenge. Comment down below something you would like me to create, Simpsons-y, I will choose one, and make it. Then I will reveal it in next week’s OM. Any kind of picture.

Finally, a bit of actual musing. I bought all the land a while back, just before Whacking Day, and it did seem loads at the time. Plenty of space, and somewhere to put my eggs in. Now, after each new update and level, I am adding more and more roads and buildings, and that is only for the quests, no premium. I do still have a couple of empty blocks, but they’re running thin. What I’m saying is: we need more land. Yeah, they gave us another strip this Halloween but, it’s not enough. Come on EA, release more land! (Downside: have further to roam when visiting friends).


I had a couple of Tapped Out surprises recently. First of all, of course, there was the Thanksgiving mini-event EA has sprung on us this week, but also I saw somebody playing Tapped Out on their iPhone who I just didn’t expect to be playing. Nooo, that’s irrelevant. We’ll just talk about Thanksgiving. I’m not going to repeat what’s been said in the other posts, I need to muse. Hence my series title. It’s my role on this blog to say stuff a little outside the box and make people think. Short sentences aplenty.

Thanksgiving. I suppose it’s like I said three posts ago about Hallowe’en not being celebrated too much over in the rest of the world which is not America and Canada. Although the Canadian one was back on the second Monday of October. No, it’s because this game comes from America that the world gets to take part in all these celebrations because the Simpsons are. Really, nothing happens in the UK. If Homer hadn’t told me so, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it was on. It is a sensible event; (as opposed to Hallowe’en which is silly fun) getting the harvest blessed and that doesn’t warrant a public holiday here.

Also, a reminder that the next of our team interviews with TheAdipose is with me, and coming out in November, probably in the next week or two. We’ll notify you when it’s on YouTube. Mike’s is here (link).

My post’ll be back next weekend.
Keep tapping, Rcsprinter


Another week playing Tapped Out. The major news is of course, that Halloween has disappeared! Back to normal, and I don’t mind that, I can tell you. It was ok while it lasted, but I think it lasted a little bit too long. Why couldn’t they have finished right after the 31st before the theming became inappropriate? Hey, EA can do what they want. Since the game’s release they have reportedly made $100 million from it, so I think they can say what happens when.

But I’m not grouching, it’s over now.

Second item: do you plan on spending many donuts after the latest update? Some people I see buy lots and use them frequently, while others, such as me, are totally freemium and let everything take its own time to build. They also don’t buy the premium buildings. That’s actually a fine way to do it, but it’s up to each individual what you do. I won’t encourage either – but do share your reasoning for your choice in the comment section,

Don’t forget, everybody, that your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Until next week, Rcsprinter.

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