Another week, another post. I suppose I should first reflect on the fact that Springfield Elementary’s fourth grade teacher won’t be here next season. I wonder how they’ll tie the disappearance into the plotline for the school and for Ned. Oh, poor Ned. His first angel defeated by a flying t-shirt, and his Ned’n’Edna’s blend was tipped down the sink.

Just thinking about Ned, there are some good stories associated with him that would be ideal additions to Tapped Out. Not Praiseland, we don’t need another theme park; but something to do with Humbleton, PA and Flanders having to shave his nose-neighbour? Or maybe when he and Homer got their ‘Vegas wives’.

So, something I don’t think I’ve ever covered before on Musings is house farming. Start with an opinion: you can house farm if you like. Explanation: although this is a city-building game and cities aren’t usually built with houses an inch from each other front, back and sides. So, it is unsightly. I wouldn’t recommend it long-term. But, if you need to raise some cash quickly I would say that this is an effective way to get it, as long as you sell the houses soon afterwards and don’t keep them as a permanent feature of your town. Why not just wait for a while and save up with normal gameplay, or (optional, not endorsed) spend donuts? I think that too many players like to rush ahead and get any new things instead of letting the game naturally take its course. If you do wait, good on you. But hey, anybody can play however they want to. It’s them who has to wait longer for more to be released.

I like playing Monopoly. I lose, but it’s all good fun. Not real money, is it? I think I’ll look into buying a Simpsons version. Well, it was good talking to you. See yas next week.



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