I’ll start by talking about Hallowe’en itself. In good olde England where I reside, nobody except supermarkets talks about Hallowe’en until October 30th. Then the kids go cadging (I’m northern, look it up) sweets from houses in the surrounding six streets, go home and everyone forgets about it for 364 days. Over in America, where The Simpsons is set and the majority of TSTO players are, it appears that everybody goes overboard in spooky merchandise for most of October and kids are set up for the whole thing like its a big deal. I think I even saw it called a “holiday”. The average American probably doesn’t even know what Hallowe’en means (All Hallows’ Eve, day before spirits are re-awakened on Nov 1). The point I’m getting to is that it seems a bit bizarre for a Brit like me to be playing a game garnished with fifty shades of grey and covered in ghosts for the whole of October, because Hallowe’en is just a one day thing right at the end of the month. Fine, it’s a great excuse for EA to have an event and I don’t mind that, but it’s a tad unusual when the only thing mentioning Hallowe’en is my iPad and no people.

Now I’ll talk about the game.

  • I like the ghost vacuum and bomb.
  • I don’t understand gremlins any more than you.
  • Why is the purple GOO in a film canister?
  • I seem to be quite a bit behind on getting my content, I only started building Springfield High School today and I believe there’s a few levels on top of that.
  • Quickfire stuff there. Now, don’t forget you can access real-time chat for Tapped Out by following the instructions at this page, and my thanks to Mike for theadiposetv interview he gave this week, it’s very good.

    If you remember me, press like! During this week I shall try and post a list of all my old Musings from 1 to 19 to any new fans who’d like to catch up. Bye and all that.

    20131020-105915 PM.jpg


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