Earlier this week a rare occurrence: I had 60 spare donuts lying around, so I bought the Rich Texan to treat myself. He’s alright. His quest line doesn’t seem very believable but then most don’t, so no biggie there. I’m not usually buying premium things, but once every now and then I’ll get something and see what it’s like.

My Krustyland isn’t coming along too well. I still need a load more tickets to get past the death drop so everybody is riding it. Did you notice that in the latest update they changed the welcome screen for Krustyand?

20130912-100921 PM.jpg

No proper news on big events coming up such as Hallowe’en and Christmas, but I’m sure EA’ll pull something out of their sleeves at the last moment and we’ll all be enjoying it. The last winter one was great; if you weren’t there I’ll say we had decorations for the houses and snow covering everything. When that finally went it took a bit of getting back used to the green! Barely a minute later we were immersed in love with Valentines… Getting off track, but this is a musings column. Share what festive characters you’d like to see over the winter in the comments.

Can’t wait to get Patty & Selma along with Spinster City… This content keeps getting better.
Sorry for the long wait in getting another video out to the tappedouttips YouTube channel, but a lack of time and inspiration gets in the way. And obviously perspiration.

20130912-102053 PM.jpg

You’ll get that joke if you follow science culture and know who the above Simpsons character is.

Anyway, hope I’ll get to post again soon. Thanks to all other topix authors for the great work with walkthroughs and other things; I’m hoping to return a bit more soon. Tally-ho!

20130912-102733 PM.jpg


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