Today I thought dang it, I’m gonna carry on anyway. Here we are – Outsiders’ Musings is carrying on, moved from tips to topix – OMXVIII

Spelling and grammar has never been EA developers’ strong point, don’t you think? This new item, “Chalmer’s 1979 _onda” apparently belongs to an unknown character Chalmer. If only they’d swapped their apostrophe and s around.

20130901-105422 PM.jpg

I took a little break from TSTO for a couple weeks over the summer, and since I’ve started playing again my luck on the Scratch-R’s been pretty good; first time I had three axes (jackpot!), then clubs and cleavers and mallets. No bombs! I was thinking that there’s some kind of in-built thing which can tell when you’ve not been around, then it pays out some extra money when you return to make you feel the game’s worth playing. But then maybe not, because even after weeks it’ll still only say “You missed a day, is it something we said?” on the Daily Play Combo. Did you know, the Scratch-R was released on January 30th 2013, but the premium Golden Scratch-R didn’t come out until February 28th.

20130901-110918 PM.jpg

I’ve been rcsprinter. You’ve been great.

20130901-111122 PM.jpg


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