Emergency warning! Tstotips (probably) hacked!

Updated: the site was bought and all the old writers kicked out. The new owner also runs Gamezino so it’s all very shady.


7 thoughts on “Emergency warning! Tstotips (probably) hacked!

  1. Thanks for the warning. I found the post too good to be true as it didnt make much sense. I submitted a question about Tapped Out ToS and it got deleted, not even a “waiting for moderation” just totally gone. So I did some searching and found out the site was probable hacked. Too bad theres no way to tell everybody.

  2. Multiple threads on the EA forums. More than one poster suggesting the site was sold off. I doubt that. Reported gamezino to paypal as a scam.

      • Ah.. I was looking for your blog as was wondering if you had turned to the dark side!

        The site is so laughable now, it’s like an informercial for Gamezino, hard to see how any one is going to use it now.. good luck with whatever you decide to do fella, enjoyed your postings on there..

  3. Thanks a lot for The warning!
    I was wondering, why there wert no posts in the days after gamezino posts.
    Are you in contact with (The real) T ?
    Too sad that tips is hacked…
    Was my number one source 😥

  4. Hello, after researching what had happened to TSTOTips I found all that had happened to the site and sent an email stating my opinion about the transfer of ownership and how I thought GameZino is a scam the new guy, Allen, replied that Gamezino does not hack and that everything I have read about the new owner ship was false and that he was sorry I felt the was I do. I simple responded with a short and to the point email saying “You have lost an avid reader.” I have been searching for your blog and I’m so glad I have found it.

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