Outsiders’ Musings XII: a little more outside than usual

<italic>Hi all, welcome to my weekly post. This week we have a guest author, Mike Shuman. This might clear up something you were wanting to know!</italic>

Hello, this is my first guest post thanks to RcSprinter. One topic I’ve seen questioned substantially on this site is “How DO I Add/Delete Friends on Origin?” I’m going to instruct you how using the Origin client for PC or Mac. Downloading the Origin software gives you a lot more options for maintaining the “social” aspect of Tapped Out whereas on your devices you can only search User IDs and add friends. As of this writing there are no mobile apps for Origin however they are claiming to be working on bringing it to all mobile platforms according to a few sites I’ve come across. Also even going to Origin.com will only allow you to manage your password, email and basic information but will not allow you to manage friends. As you can see in the screenshot below although I’m with Origin through Tapped Out it doesn’t even reflect that on my profile.


So needless to say right now the BEST way to manage your friends on Tapped Out is by going to https://www.origin.com/us/download and downloading for either PC or Mac. The instructions are pretty much self explanatory and once you install you will see the Origin home screen. Here you can access the Origin/EA game store which closely resembles Steam. Go to Login and enter the SAME email and password that you use to log into Tapped Out:


Once you log in you’re all set. To the far right on the top of the page you will see a square with what looks like a head with or without a number in it. The number indicates how many friends are online currently. Clicking on that will give you a new pop-up box of your friends list. This is where you manage your friends. And ta-daaa that’s it. You can navigate the program fairly easy and you only have to have the friend box without dealing with the store if you don’t want to. BUT as with anything EA related this is the confusing aspect of the software: If someone has friended you through Tapped Out you can accept the request within the software and also unfriend, block, etc. However if you are searching for someone through the software and that person does not have the software on their end, you can NOT add them. I know, it’s ridiculous but the point is, this software is definitely valuable for deleting friends to those that want to and accepting any request sent through the game. There’s also a CHAT option but I’m willing to bet the farm that the person has to also have the software. Again until EA/Origin get in gear and release mobile apps, this is the only way for me to manage my friends. If someone knows of a better way, I as well as many others are all ears.


I hope that I was able to extend a little knowledge to some people with my first guest post and also hope to be able to bring you many more in the future. As long as Tapped Out is available I will be right there tapping away as I know many of you are. Have a nice day!


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