I’m still half expecting to see a snake round every corner, ready to step straight into baton mode and whack for the prizes… But they’re gone now. It seems weird, don’t you think? Such unusually long events get stuck in your head, and it’ll probably be a while until I have properly adjusted back to normal.

So, to business. This is OM ten, by your weekly guest author, rcsprinter. Hi.
How did I do? There’s a poll below – I honestly need your feedback.

But don’t count this as this week’s actual poll, that’ll be to do with the game. And as I rarely buy premium items, this week I’m gonna treat myself to some iTunes credit and some donuts – birthday privilege. It’ll make a change and if the limited time yard sale items don’t run out, I’ll buy some of them. Please lookout for OMXI!

20130519-114037 PM.jpg


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