Time for OM 8..

It’s hard to believe its been eight weeks since the first edition of Outsiders’ Musings back in March. Thanks for your support and readership; it’s been amazing. Still, I suppose I had better muse and give tips for this week.

Whacking Day has been a large and fruitful event for many; the number of prizes has been far greater than those for any past event. But with it all ending on 9th May, those who are trying to get the prize they are aiming for will be frantically tapping every snake and egg they see, to collect those precious snakes in exchange for prizes. But here’s the thing: Whacking Day has been much more of an “earning” event. This has come from EA in response to the Hearts during Valentine’s which had a low value and could be collected in scores with the prizes not really costing very much. Here, you’ve had to really work at getting the snakes, or you won’t get the prizes. I don’t have a donut budget, so even with a hundred friends I’m haven’t got Bare-Chested Willie yet. However, the first few prizes don’t cost cash and require a relatively low number of snakes to get, so at least nobody has missed out if they aren’t getting the eggs they need.

And on a different note, please continue to send your arty snaps of unique town planning or weird screenshots of borked texture glitch buildings in through the comments section below – and you can keep a picture of your whole Springfield using the guide here. So long, and happy whacking!

20130504-121938 PM.jpg


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