Eatery review: The George Hotel, Hayfield (Derbyshire, UK)

20130415-102423 PM.jpg
Name: The George Hotel
Location: Hayfield, High Peak, Derbyshire, UK
Website: The George
Stars: 5 (*****)

In honour of the birthday of my father, my family went out to have a pub tea to celebrate. I have to say my experience with the George was excellent. There is a big fire on an old range, many old pictures of Hayfield adorn the walls and there is a distinctive family feel about it. The food didn’t take too long to arrive and it was good value, so the entire meal cost only about £30 (plus drinks) which is far cheaper than other restaurants one visits.

Food tasted great, no concerns there. Interesting stained glass window, wooden beams crossing the ceiling, wide selection of drinks at the bar, accommodation if needed.

I give five stars out of five overall. Four for value, five for atmosphere, three for service and four for food.

Please look out for my next eatery review!

20130415-103203 PM.jpg


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