Hey, y’all! Last week the challenge was to create a picture of something using decorations in Tapped Out. I’ve decided the winner is… Anthony Damiano, for his inventive use of hedges, fences and and the Valentine’s heart pond to honour New York City.

20130413-014724 PM.jpg
Now, this week I thought I’d take a look at a history of the splash screens, or loading screens, we’ve had in the game.

20130413-014707 PM.jpg
First: This is the original and regular one, which displays when there is no event.

20130413-014826 PM.jpg
Second: This splash screen comes on sometimes for a bit of change of scenery

20130413-014831 PM.jpg
Halloween event: A hand stripped to the bone chases Homer for the Halloween event in October 2012

20130413-015249 PM.jpg
Winter event: Over the winter period this gloved hand tapped Homer as we were following the Christmas quests

20130413-014839 PM.jpg
Valentine’s event: A Cupid Bart shoots an arrow at Homer as we shared hearts over February

20130413-014844 PM.jpg
Whacking Day: The current one you’re all seeing, a snake is chasing Ninja Homer, which seems the wrong way round.

And finally, if you’re a fan of the music that plays on Tapped Out and would like to have it on its own as a song or ringtone, you can download it to PC and Mac at ; you can listen on iOS device but not download.

Keep the ideas and comments coming, my address is .



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