Today I’ll be talking about buildings with special interactive features.

Most of you will have Cletus’s farm, which is added at a very early level in the game. When you plant a crop there you can see the sprouts in the soil when they’re first planted, and a midway growth snapshot, and when the item is ready for harvesting the fully-grown plant sticks out into the air. Only three other buildings are interactive in this way: Springfield Downs, the Kwik-E-Mart and the Channel 6 Studios.

The racetrack can be excluded from my discussion because it is a short bet, lasting a few seconds, and of course the scratch cards operate on the same principle. But the studios (bringing character Kent Brockman, requires level 23) work in the same way; that is you set a programme/crop filming/growing, and then after its time is up you collect the cash & XP. But here’s the thing – there is no gradual picture evolution for programmes at the TV station like there is for plants at the farm. Have you ever noticed that?

Also, another kind of bug-like occurrence is when you receive notifications for things being finished in your game, the wording will say something like “Weeds are ready at Cletus’s farm”, which is fine, because “weeds” is an object with an “S” on the end, fitting in with the plural. The same rule happens with “Triffids”. But for Perfection, Tomacco, Silvertongue and Corn (actual corn, apparently) it will say “Tomacco are ready at Cletus’s farm” which is grammatically wrong. One can see it is only code following the pattern, but you’d think EA would pull their finger out for little things like that. And for the same process at Channel 6, it’ll be saying “Regular programming are ready at Channel 6″, which makes my blood boil every time it pops up (TSTOTips note: Also for Channel 6 – take a look and you’ll see it asks you to make “Wordwide” news, not “Worldwide”). Simply wrong, and nothing being done about it! Similar things happen with regular character tasks now and then, where grammar following patterns and not common sense becomes corrupted; my example is “Rev Lovejoy has finished Walk the dog”, where obviously the word “walk” works in the present tense when you were setting the task, but I’m surprised nobody has looked at the wording and thought, “Hmm, that should read “Rev Lovejoy has finished walking the dog””.

So, this week I suppose I is more of a rant than a muse, but as always there is the interactive section for fans to get involved with. One interesting thing that people have done in their towns is make pictures with decorations). So, make the most interesting picture you can and send a screenshot through to me at – and the best one will be displayed next week. You can still send emails to the same address with comments, ideas and whole-town pics for the gallery.


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