Hello! Last week I set a quiz to see who’s the ultimate Simpsons fan (you can find the quiz at if you haven’t done it yet). Since the post last week, it has been played 445 times – but unfortunately, I can’t tell who played it, so I’m going to have to go by the 25 or so people who commented below the post. 1.6% of all those that played managed 55/55, the other scores follow:

50-54 3.7%
45-49 6.6%
40-44 9.6%
35-39 13.5%
30-34 18.8%
25-29 11.9%
20-24 14%
15-19 8.2%
10-14 4.3%
5-9 3.7%
1-4 4.1%

Most people seem to be getting scores in the 30s. That’s still great as many of the questions were quite difficult. I need to pick a winner, however, so with 53/55 I’d like to commend “thomas”. Coming close behind were TennantFan and Maggie. Well done – you’re all Simpsons experts! Thanks to everybody else that played.

For the interactive part of this week’s post, please let me know in the comments section what you think the hardest questions from the quiz were and why. Also, if a new building was to be release and it was a house, what house do you think is significant enough from the series to be included? My choice is definitely the Hibbert house. There are some ideas in the post below this one – but what would you like to see in addition to those. You can just choose a colour as well! ..the Cool White House? Nah.

As for musings, all I’ve got to say this edition is about how I finally understand why I built a super-atom collider, black hole, Mayan calendar and Duff racer a few months ago. After watching the episodes (broadcast as new here in the UK), it makes sense as the Treehouse of Horror XXIII and ‘Moonshine River’ episodes give a bit of background story. The delay is unfair, but what can I do?


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