Hello again, readers. So, here’s the second edition of “Outsiders’ Musings” written weekly by myself.

This week I thought I’d see who’s a proper, all-knowing Simpsons fan. Which of you has watched all the episodes, studied each character, and examined everything related?

I’ve devised a quiz which you can find at to test your knowledge. Post your score out of 55 in the comments section below and I’ll mention the winner by their Origin name next week. But no Googling for the answers – that’s not sporting.

In other news, most people will be aware that level 27 was finally released a few days ago, along with a couple of buildings, characters, and a premium item that were hiding on your device. A full walkthrough for the new quests will be posted soon, but I thought that if this is what’s coming now, imagine what we’ll get in the next few months (see OMI for our wish-list). If we don’t get an Easter event too, I’ll eat my hat. What sort of quests do you think would fit this and what characters would be involved? Please email and interact – that’s what’ll be a regular thing for these posts.

And as usual, you can contact me at with any suggestions or comments about the posts. Players are still welcome to send in their whole town pictures to be displayed in the gallery too. You can find instructions on how to do this here.


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