This is the first edition of Outsiders’ Musings, from TSTOTIPS.

Hi readers, and welcome to the first of my weekly posts on TSTO Tips named “Outsiders’ Musings“. The first thing I’m going to write about is things we would like to see included in the game. There’s a very large selection of characters already there, and I’ve got most of them, but there are also many more characters that are not there yet:

– Patty and Selma (Bouviers)
– Maggie (Simpsons)
– Lenny and Carl (Barflies/Plant Workers; possibly coming in the next update with Mount Carlmore.)
– Jasper Beardly (that’s the old man with the long white beard who says random things, usually when Grampa is around; perhaps he could be part of a new set called Old Folks)
– Agnes Skinner (Oddballs)
– Crazy Cat Lady (Oddballs)
– Brandine Spuckler (Oddballs)
– Superintendent Chalmers (School Workers – yells Skinnnerr!)
– Miss Hoover (School Workers)
– Lunchlady Doris (School Workers)
– Disco Stu (C-list celebs?)
– Rod and Todd Flanders (Churchy Joes)
– Jimbo Jones (Toughies)
– Sherri/Terri (Kids)
– Ol’ Gil Gunderson (permanently with tasks)
– Lionel Hutz
– Troy McClure
– Kirk Van Houten
– Rich Texan
– Itchy & Scratchy
– Hyman Krustofski (Krusty’s Rabbi father)
– The Sea Captain
– Bleeding Gums Murphy (would this work? After all, he died)

Hopefully all these will be included in updates over the next year. What would you like to see?

Also, have you noticed that all characters always walk on the pavement by the road, but nothing ever happens on the roads themselves? Even the vehicles you can buy (ambulance, Burns limo, police squad car) are stationary. Lovejoy’s train goes on the pavement too. So something that drives around would be good. Some kind of train line and station too? Moleman could work at the station. Homer could ride the train. I don’t think there’s been anything from the Simpsons Movie yet; what about a quest where you have to stop your town getting covered by a dome?


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