Lake District, here I come

So, this weekend (Thurs till Sun or Mon) I’m jetting off metaphorically to the English Lake District in Cumbria. With snow still on the ground in many areas, including my front garden, and me staying in a caravan, with my family, not sure how well it’s gonna turn out. Apparently the British weather is going to start getting warmer from next week, which will make a change after not going outside non-essentially since October. 🙂

A bit of background perhaps necessary here; first time in my new caravan since we bought it in a private sale a few weeks back, been sitting outside the house annoying neighbours all that time. The caravan itself is a Sterling Onyx, pictures of the same type below. (Not my actual one).

20130403-100636 PM.jpg20130403-100651 PM.jpg

I should point out I have had a caravan before, and many holidays in it. Quite old and expensive to have just sitting there, we sold it and now have another.

I’ll be posting about the “adventure” when I get back, with restaurant reviews and such, along with this weekend’s Outsiders’ Musings from TSTOTIPS.
20130403-101040 PM.jpg


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