First off, I need to point out graphical flaw that hits straight away on the splash screen of the game during this Clash of Clones event. It’s that Homer (the Barbarian or whoever) has a notch in his sword. Yes, I know it’s a cartoon but that surely can’t be possible!
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Hello, everybody. I am here to moan and muse about stuff relating to this game, for the 46th time. I’ve waited a little while to do this post as the rest of the team have been getting the posts out for you about our latest event, obviously Clash of Clones, and I didn’t want to flood you with too much stuff. It’s died down a little now, so I’m gonna spend my Monday evening with you folks.

Ned Head
So first, nitpickety observations, of course. I only have one, and that is where during some CoC quest dialogue, Ned says “That’s a little too much TMI”. Of course, this touches the OCD nerve of myself and hopefully someone else (or perhaps they flicked through without reading it), because it induces some of the old RAS syndrome, like PIN number, because Ned is actually saying “too much too much information”. Yet another dozy developer making mistakes. Does nobody proof-read what they write? But I’m balanced: it could be a joke about how Ned doesn’t know how to use modern slang.
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Well, I’d like to start off by saying this is my 50th post on TopiX, as well as my 45th Outsiders’ Musings (including at Tips), and only a few weeks before the year anniversary of this site. Thank you to all my loyal readers who take a look every weekend.

Also, thanks for the huge reaction to my post about hacks last week. I think we certainly debated it well.

In this edition, I am going to address a few important issues. The first of which is the lack of picnic tables available on Tapped Out. Continue reading


My iPad finally decided I had cleared enough space this week and allowed me back onto Tapped Out, although I missed nearly all of the Fourth of July update. I did do it last year though, so I shouldn’t think too much is lost.

To help me write this column, (although it doesn’t help very much), I have a Google alert set up for “Simpsons Tapped” which emails me twice a day with a roundup of the net’s TSTO related pages for that day. The reason I’m telling you is that nearly every result is trying to sell hacks and cheats. Try it for yourself, subscribe to that, there’s just loads of pages advertising an illicit way of getting more donuts or content. We are honest people here at TopiX, and we hope you the reader is too, and therefore we do not condone cheats, but I needed to remark on how frankly disgusting it is that there are more sites trying to get you to do the wrong thing than there are helpful forum or blog sites. Has our Tapper community really sunk that low? How can it be that more people by the day are turning to irresponsible methods to get their free donuts instead of playing the game normally? Is it not a source of casual enjoyment anymore, but just another thing that you can use to get free stuff off the big corporations?
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As an writer on this here website, I face a rather inopportune problem. Tapped Out is literally taking over my iPad. I mean, of course, that it is becoming too large with all these updates and is using too much space in the memory of my device. Too often, I open the app after a new update, only to be told “There isn’t enough storage space left on your device to download all of this cool stuff. Free up some space and try again.” I have deleted all the apps I don’t use regularly, deleted all the saved photos I don’t need, deleted and reinstalled games and apps to clear space. It’s never enough for the space-hungry Tapped Out.
I’m not prepared to spend money buying a device especially for Tapped Out, so this is rather a problem when I need to write about the game and can’t get on to it. I can’t be the only person where having 42 levels is putting a strain on my finite hardware resources. I wanted to buy the 32GB version in the first place anyway, back in 2012. (I have 16GB.) Unfortunately, you pay money for space and as I didn’t know Tapped Out existed until two days after I bought the iPad, it’s now taking its effect. And hey, I want to use other apps too. Something’s not right.
Alan Moore Facepalm
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origin_logoHere I am, Mr Average-Tapped-Out-Player, ready once again to talk about my game in a I’m-just-like-you way, to appease those of you here for something more than walkthroughs and spoilers – is the idea but does it work that way? Who knows?

Right, thought I’d talk about Origin today, because I haven’t really focused on it yet and surely it’s about time. So Origin, that’s EA’s distribution software that games players keep their accounts on. Yes, you probably knew that. My prompt today is how did we find out about it originally? I have a feeling that a very small number of players actually already knew about Origin before they started playing Tapped Out, and most of those would be the younger generation who use Origin already on EA console games. It is quite likely that the majority of Tapped Out Origin users started using it for the same reason as me – you almost lost your town and wanted to secure it, and took the prompt to register for Origin once it was flashed up, plus, you probably like the benefits of being able to visit friends and play on other devices which you were wanting to do already. Continue reading


Something to talk about!


Yes, there’s a big complicated event with loads of new content relating to an episode I’ve not seen (it was 1995, to be fair) and to get confused about. It’ll keep me busy, at least. But as usual, I need to gripe first.

I have another complaint about bad grammar on EA’s part: the (pointless) notifications I get now read “Quick! [name] is spying on your Springfield foil their evil plot and earn Emblems!” Why don’t they run a spellcheck before releasing updates to the masses? Would it kill them to put some punctuation before “foil” and keep the picky guys like me happy? Maybe they are counting on nobody noticing because its demographic are all young mobile gamers not reading properly and rushing ahead to the game? No, because many Tapped Out fans are adults who watched the Simpsons in the 90s, and are likely to notice all these mistakes. Right, rant over. Continue reading